Why a different type of GDPR form is displayed?

We want the agreement with the GDPR to comply with the new rules. In order for the application to work properly and to display at least a non-personalized advertisement, so was still free of charge, it is necessary to give consent to points 1,2,7,9,10 and at least one supplier of advertising (set consent for one of the vendor's preferences).

  1. For personalized ads press „Consent“
  2. For non-personalized ads press „Manage options“, it is necessary at least set consent with:
    • Store and/or access information on a device
    • Select basic ads
    • Measure ad performance
    • Apply market research to generate audience insights
    • Develop and improve products
    • Click on „Vendor preferences“
    • Set consent by one of vendor by your choice
Why can't I connect two devices together?

Both devices must be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and must be in the same network on the same router with the same SSID.

On devices with Android (8) Oreo and larger, permission must be enabled for positioning using an internet connection.